Stare and Write

a kind of Flickr for nonfiction prose, a site where
writers post their people-watching snapshots


Submit prose snapshots written by people-watchers. Two-hundred words or less. Nonfiction only please. Posts can be:

* stand-alone pieces written on the spot

* excerpts from longer writing

* your own work

* links to writing you admire

Don’t plagiarize. Don’t make stuff up. Don’t be creepy. There’s no fun in that. Observe. Report. Stare. Write.

Thank you.

- David Quigg (, 2/9/2011

P.S. If you write something to submit here, please keep a copy for yourself. Your submission could get lost. I could decide that my idea for the blog isn’t a good match for your words. Whatever happens, protect your writing so you can resubmit it, post it elsewhere, publish it, show it it your hypothetical grandchildren someday.